Saturday the14th May


We are off to Oxford to see M’s old friend, Pam. Sarah Jane is looking after the cats at home. She is such a lovely person! I managed to take some pictures of her on the phone last night and on the camera today to use as references for drawing and painting. We also agreed that we will try to arrange a photo shoot at some point soon (she would have to take time off work, and I will need to book the studio in college and ask Jane to set the lights up for me).

At the moment I am reading a book by Lisa Congdon “Art Inc.”, and very scary it is! At least the first chapter. As I am not a person who is good with groups of people, the idea of networking in person has always been a frightening thing. There are other things there, of course, but I see this particular trigger and go into a panic mode a bit:(

Be positive! At least try…

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