Troubles with Research and Practice

Course work, drawing, pencil, portrait





I time time time – and the total lack of thereof… I seem to have no time for making anything: after teaching I am far tootoootooo tired, other days I usually read for the philosophy, etc. today I only found time to do anything after I baked bread, cooked soup for the rest of the week and made dinner (plus small things like skyping family inRussia).

After my meeting last week with Joshua (and Henry) I have been thinking about their recommendation to work smaller, dramatically smaller. So the idea of matchbox portraiture was born. Matchboxes are childhood repository of treasures: shiny beads, stones, bugs, etc. I have done two today and decided to make a portrait on a stone – surprisingly satisfying process. Matchbox on its own might be a bit flat and uninteresting but if I make a hundred?

What next?

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