Day in London


It worked out today that we managed to visit three exhibitions instead of one! Very tired now…

BP portrait award – as usual, I liked some work, and as usual, not the winners. My favourite was Lisa Stokes’ Self portrait with Clown Face Really touching and somehow tragic.
Ewan McClure’s Self portrait – very lively, very alive, beautifully done and seems to show a genuinely lovely guy.
Saied Dai In Memory – nicely restrained but rich colours, multifacetedness of the face, overall feeling of sadness
Daniel Coves Net no. 10 – the only super realistic painting I liked, probably because I felt that it was the idea rather then pure skill that was shown (which is so often the case, I feel, with the super realism – look I can paint so well it looks like a photograph !. I might be unfair and prejudiced … I, probably, am…

And, of course, I always pay a visit to a couple of my favourites on the ground floor: Pinter’s portrait by Mortimer, Germaine Gree’s portrait by Paula Rego and Thomas Joseph Edmund Adès
by Philip Oliver Hale.

Moving on… After spectacular visually but not entirely satisfactory gluttonously lunch at the Portrait restaurant we moved on to the Summer Exhibition. Mmmmm, last two years were so good that this one was a bit of a come down. There was some interesting work… I got a catalogue, and will look at it again a bit later. But the best part was the last room – Grayson Perry’s modern England tapestries. Brilliantly observed, funny, witty, impressive. He is so my hero!

After obligatory visit to F&M to get some venison pepperoni we dropped into Hauser&Wirth. I will only say that it was an enjoyable experience at the moment. Especially the American Room. When to find time to write?

Got several excellent books and catalogues. Looking forward to reading them all. Now a brownie and to bed.


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