Frustration personified


My dearies, this is the last note and testament of a very irritated woman indeed. May not really the LAST last, but stillllllll

OK, this morning I have at last sent off  my MA application (after I must say a lot of time spent trying to reduce the size of the images in the ppt, giving it up, zipping the file and hearing at last the sweet woosh sound of mail flying off).

Bread – new recipe… why do I do the new recipe if the old one is very good – do not ask me. the dough was so wet that I couldn’t work it. And I am used to very sticky dough indeed. however, what is coming out of the oven looks suspiciously OK.But the proof, as they say, will be in the eating.

Frustration Number Three: ongoing. In the bid to be more professional (after all, I have just sold a painting! to somebody I never met! for MONEY!) I decided to upgrade my WordPress to a professional looking theme – Photography. But can I make it work? Noooooo! the galleries end up having no images in them although i seem to do each step as they recommend, but I am obviously missing something. Delete and start again?

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