Still struggling


I am trying to make something out of that granny portrait attempt:


But as I put so much paint it needs to solidify a bit before I go any further: black is seeping through all the time. I also think the same idea would have looked better with the transparent image overlay rather than getting the paint on with the trowel.

The other one is my great-great-grandmother. Needs a bit more work, but I do like the contrast of the sharp face and the fogginess of the rest. The shawl is a bit spoilt by scratching in, and I think the eyes need to be glazed with a new coat. What I enjoyed was getting to know her face. She is so far removed and I know so little about her that this seems like like I am inventing a family tree. I think she must have been an extremely attractive woman – the eyes and the cheekbones are quite amazing.


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