not all men were disparaging about older women…

Course work

… and here is some poetry:

Silvery Locks

Francesco Berni (16th c)

“Sonnet for his Lady”

Fine silvery locks, fuzzy and twined with no art

Round a beautiful golden face;

A wrinkled forehead, that I pale on beholding,

Upon which the arrows of Love and Death appear;

Eyes of grey pearl, snowy eyelashes,

And those large, stubby fingers,

That even I am sweetly attracted to;

Milk white lips, a large divine mouth;

Wobbling teeth of rare ebony;

Of unheard of, ineffable harmony;

Proud and grave in her ways: to you,

Divine servants of love, I manifest

The beauties of my love.

Umberto Eco in On Ugliness (p.167) notes that “…there is no longer any rancour: the view of deformity is either playfully ironic or affectionate. the fading looks of an old woman become a melancholy reflection on the waning of beauty.”


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