Love and Hate

Course work

It is difficult to select either only one of the Turner Prize contestants I really liked or strongly disliked. Both lists are rather long. Having looked through a number of entries, I decided to discuss the most significant ones – they are significant for me because they highlight what I like/dislike generally in modern art.

Lucy Skaer – nominated for the Turner Prize last year for  her solo exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and A Boat Used as a Vessel at the Kunsthalle Basel. Here is a link to her Tuner Prize entry, and here is an example:

Lucy Skaer The Siege 2008

What I liked about her work: there is a level of intricacy and almost obsessive quality in her drawings; they reveal their nature not immediately but one needs to step away and to come closer to understand how elements are combined to form the whole. It [the work] combines abstract and objective and does not demonstratively talk about the artist’s “inner life” but allows the viewer to look at it and enjoy it for its own sake.

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